Safety/Security Software Essentials

A couple of recomendations can't be such a bad idea. Browser plugins you just should not go online without, Disk encryption & backup solutions for Windows 7/8/10.

Browser Plugins


  • uBlock Origin
    → chrome
    → firefox
    THE ad-blocker right now. Blocks request to dubious web services. And when it says don't go, you should listen.
    Youtube videos come nicely without advertisements!
    I however recommend to disable before doing online payments.
  • Web Of Trust
    → chrome
    → firefox
    Enhances every hyper-link based on visitor reviews.
    When some other than green circle shows up.... yellow, I sometimes look up reviews for that webpage, but for a red one, I usually won't even bother.
  • Disconnect
    → chrome
    → firefox
    Disconnects social media from following your browsing.


  • Don't track me Google
    → chrome
    → firefox
    That google search tracks click-outs ain't exactly a tragedy (&every bigger player does that), but...
    ...with this you can copy-paste clean links,
    or (sometimes handy) proofread with mouse-over, that the url is which you want

Work tools

  • Fabtek Chrome™ built-in SpellChecker
    → chrome
    You know how people are. Every typo counts. Even though you cannot have it turned on all the time, this extension is great for proofreading webpages you create.

Applications for Windows

→ website
Automatized installation/update of most common software for Windows - verifies hashes, unchecks all junk options. Great! Otherwise, if possible, use the official AppStore that comes with your operating system.
Because very many download sites offer bundled download with bloatware or worse, so be careful what and how and from where you install.
Ease US Todo Backup
→ website
Partition cloning, incremental backuping, etc.
It takes only couple of minutes. Do it every few months and stay happy.
→ website
Portable encrypted textfile editor. When editing contents in decrypted state, the contents is stored in memory only.
I collect through this app lots of my passwords and other keys.
I even upload those encrypted notes online somewhere – in case I need a password or whatever from a remote device (or some hard-drive failure should catch me unprepared).
→ website
Partition encryption.
Can also create encrypted filesystem containers.
→ website
Application sandboxing. Super-thin virtualization for application space isolation.
A bit less intuitive to use but when you understand it's concept, it is a quite mighty tool!