Squarespace Syntax Highlighter for Notepad++

JsonT for Notepad++. Syntax-highlighters are a very effective tool to visually confirm the correctness of syntax and help to keep track of the overall structure.
Just as the last phase of a doing a job is cleaning your tools and servicing them, a job starts with preparing your work-space. And this is exactly what I did: I collected all the chunks of JsonT from official documentation and tipped them into the "Define your language..." dialog of Notepad++.
The expressive power of UDL2.0, the user defined language engine of Notepad++, is pretty flexible and I managed to keep almost all categories separated, yet it was not strong enough for the awkward details of JsonT's code-folding. But code-folding is problematic with all templating languages anyhow, so there is really nothing to complain about.
A nice bonus of custom language definition is, that you can open the dialog (or the XML definition file) and if it is not too big, use it as a quick lookup, a kind of table of contents for the features of the language.
The definition is available for download from my GitHub repository and you are invited to update it.