DIY Vertical Monitor Stand

All our base are belong to us.
It's supposed to swivel, tilt, be height adjustable and turnable.
Even with two monitors, one built-in and one external, I cannot complain about getting lost in too much room. As a programmer, I spend much time manipulating long, narrow slices of structured text and cry for more intelligent text block folding — or at least a couple more rows.
Technical drawing
Full backview
Some monitors have a hinge system which allows rotation, but we still live in the dark times of questionable technical parameters being considered more important than basic ergonomics. Most monitors are not even height adjustable. Since I live and love low budget, I built my own monitor stand. Not the first one I have built, got much much finer this time — from a single plank of wood, with a kind of clamp for stable attachment to the table. Btw, the table was a custom job by our designer and a well done job indeed.
A Philosophy of Boredom
Recommendation from one of the co-working space colleagues.
Front photo
Detail of the monitor holder "mechanism"
Clamp bottom
My time at the local wood workshop was limited and I was a bit inpatient as can be seen on the not completely perfect holes for dowels, yet it turned out to be a beautiful piece anyhow. Brings me joy every day and I hope you will enjoy the photos just as much. Cya.