Peter Fargas
Independent Research & Prototypisation
Leipzig, Germany
Release date: May 2010
Last update: April 2018
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Additional Usage Scenario of Keyboard

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I have a found an new way of input on flat keyboards (such as notebook ones). Such keyboards can capture flick gestures and maybe even emulate mouse to some extend. One huge advantage is that you don't have to move your hands off the keyboard, meaning quicker work but more importantly less strain on body during the usually very long periods of time.

Simply try to put you finger flatly on one of the keys, press it down and move the finger across the keyboard like if would be homogenous plane. Works quite well, right? It's just a matter of software correcty decoding signals which come from the low level driver and filter regular keystrokes from the other style of usage.

Keyboards are multi-touch by definition, they usually manage to get at least three keys at once right. This system can be used for positioning in 2 dimensional space with a predefined starting position. While you may object that the resolution is pretty low, having 20 columns and 6 rows, this is actually quite a lot to start with. It's a matter of what you want to do with it. As a example, for a pulldown menu, this is super fine.

With extra control keys always free for augmentative functions, this could present the next most versatile tool for specialized applications. The device is already present and only the keyboard driver needs an update.