Peter Fargas
Independent Research & Prototypisation
Leipzig, Germany
Release date: January 2013
Last update:
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Access Restriction Based on Experience Expectations Test

☰ Content

Even nowadays, in the freely accessible domain and very normal movement within it, experiences which can be considered unapropriate under certain circumstances appear. As the accessible experiences will diversificate in effect as well as strength, there will arise a wish for some kind of navigation restrictions based on appropriateness. On the other hand, some content providers might wish to introduce such (e.g. for the payed domain), for trustbonding and customer satisfaction.

This can be done by introducing a kind of semantical lock prior to entering the experience. A simple variant has the form of scale where the user has to guess the position of the experience. The scale can be coloured or be polarized by a set of icons.

After experience, an option to re-weight the lock may be presented.