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Safety/Security Software Essentials
A couple of recomendations can't be such a bad idea. Browser plugins you just should not go online without, Disk encryption & backup solutions for Windows 7/8/10.

Limiting Webpage Resource Consumption
Turn off fancy effects when operating system decides to throttle.
Haven't found anything comparable, which is a shame. You will find everything from high-precision to high-performance, but little that helps coping with life.
By observing javascript timer resolution? Will hopefully become obsolete, as libraries and browsers will incorporate this into their codebase. Some mobile-browsers hopefully already do.

Double-sided Gaffa
Among all the variations - here is a really simple one:
Stick the edge to some round object, then roll it sticky side outwards. Cut off, pull off. There you go.

Water-based Graffiti and Tagging
Pro-graffiti, kontra-permanence and stains.
Use, for example, a chalk marker.
Express yourself, leave space for future.
Remove which is obsolete.
See which tags will stand the test of time.
Evolve your culture.

Squarespace Syntax Highlighter for Notepad++
JsonT for Notepad++. Syntax-highlighters are a very effective tool to visually confirm the correctness of syntax and help to keep track of the overall structure.

Basic Translation for Squarespace
If you need a more detailed translation, just drop me an eMail.
This script translates what is common to all templates: the mobile bar, contact formular and commenting. You can download it here.

DIY Vertical Monitor Stand
All our base are belong to us.
It's supposed to swivel, tilt, be height adjustable and turnable.